Alma Mater

Alma Mater

President Charles Blanchard adopted this song of a now-defunct Illinois college and successfully introduced it at a chapel service. He had visited Hedding College which was then functioning in the small town of Abingdon in Knox County, not far from Galesburg. He greatly admired their college song “The Orange and The Blue”, He thought that by changing a word here and there, he might rescue the living song from the dying college. With this object in mind, he and his secretary prepared cards with the present version of Wheaton's Alma Mater typed thereon: “0, Wheaton, dear old Wheaton, live forever.”

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A song of Alma Mater, with voices loud and clear;

to sing of hearts devoted, who hold thy mem'ries dear;

Thru clouds and sunshine always, our love to thee is true;

Here's to the dear old colors The Orange and the Blue

Thy walls give inspiration to noble deeds and true,

They make life's duties plainer, and give us strength to do.

With joy we sing thy praises, thy children old and new,

And cheer the dear old colors The Orange and the Blue

Thy sacred halls and classrooms 'round which sweet mem'ries twine,

Will ever live within hearts of children, such as thine;

We'll keep they old traditions, pledge love and honor too,

For Wheaton and her colors The Orange and the Blue

But when we're called to muster on life's great battle field,

To leave old Alma Mater with sorrow ill concealed,

Count us not lost to Wheaton, for in our places new

Our hearts will ever honor The Orange and the Blue


O Wheaton! dear old Wheaton, live forever;

Brave sons and daughters true, We'll e'er uphold thy colors

The Orange and the Blue