Wheaton History A to Z

Welcome to a Website totally dedicated to Wheaton College history – from Adeline Collins to Anastasios Zarophonithes (our own A to Z). So much of Wheaton's history is forgotten, tucked away in obscure documents that hardly any one remembers or memories that have never been written down. As this site develops you will be able to click on categories and read about Wheaton's interesting past, and present. Since this will always be a work in-progress, check in regularly to learn the newest facts about our college.
We need your input and help. Traditional histories of Wheaton focus on the famous people and buildings, but every day there are stories and events that go unrecorded. These unrecorded memories are often social events (pranks, senior bench, first dates, how I proposed to my girl friend, etc.) For example, Julia Blanchard recalled how in 1871 "Boys lived in the White House, which occupied the south west corner of the campus. It was the home of many generations of College men and the scene of some thrilling escapades." Unfortunately, she does not tell us about a single thrilling escapade. Or Estella Woolfenden Alexander, class of 1907, in an oral interview recounts how in her days some of the men lived at the Way Side T "Just mention the 'Way Side Tim' to any of the boys who lived or ate there and you are in for some good laughs," Again she recounts men living on the 4 floor of Blanchard in the west wing and says, "Those boys made history on the campus." I wish she had supplied the missing details.