Student Housing

Following the trend of other colleges, for the bulk of Wheaton's history students were not housed in campus housing. In 1860 students were directed to local homes for housing, which could be obtained at "extraordinarily modest costs." "Unfurnished rooms outside the College, can be had for from twenty to fifty cents per week," announced the 1870 catalog. Board could be obtained for $2.50 per week. Many lived in faculty homes that ringed the campus. Once Williston Hall was built ladies could find room and board for $150 per year. The Baby Boom brought a change to higher education and how it housed students. In 1960 Wheaton had 1700 students with at least half of them (850!) living in private homes. Later, the growth of the post-war boom in returning soldiers, and later their children, created needs that local homes couldn't meet. This started the era of dormitories. Throughout its history Wheaton has cobbled together a variety of housing options for students from a boarding house, living in Blanchard, piece-meal homes, housing in private homes, and dormitories--all to maintain a residential experience. At present, nearly 90% of students live in campus housing. For specific buildings or homes select the sub-page link(s) below.

Bachelor's Club
Barron's Club
Bartlett Hall
Bent Cottage
Blaine House
Blount House
Cork Cottage
Dow House
Elliot Hall
Evans Hall
Ferris House
Fischer Hall
Garlough House
Graham Cracker Box
Hiatt Hall
Howe Hall
Howe House
Irving House
Lincoln House
McManis Hall
Mills Cottage
Missionary House
Peehl House
Saint Hall
Smith Hall
The Barracks
Traber Hall
Wayside Inn
Williston Hall