Charles Gregg Singer

Charles Gregg Singer taught history at Wheaton College from 1944 to 1948. He was a scholar and professor whose academic and ministerial career stretched for more than six decades. He was a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was a graduate of Haverford College. He later earned his masters and his doctorate in history from the University of Pennsylvania. Along with teaching at Wheaton, Singer was on the faculty of Salem College, the University of Pennsylvania, Belhaven College, Montreat-Anderson College, Catawba College, Furman University, Atlanta School of Biblical Studies and Greenville (S. C.) Presbyterian Theological Seminary. His published works included A Theological Interpretation of American History, John Calvin: His Roots and Fruits, Arnold Toynbee: A Critical Study, The Unholy Alliance, From Rationalism to Irrationality, and A Christian Introduction to History and Philosophy. He was also a contributor to the Encyclopedia of Christianity and the Dictionary of Church History. Mr. Singer passed away on March 22, 1999, at the age of 88.