Ed Coray

Edward Atherton Coray was born August 24, 1901 and came to Wheaton in 1919 from West Pittston, Pennsylvania. He attended Wheaton College and was graduated in 1923 and while at Wheaton he played many sports and was the captain of the basketball team during his senior year. After graduation, Ed Coray was a high school instructor of Social Science and Assistant Coach in Valley City, North Dakota, for one year. He then held the same position in Cape May, New Jersey until 1926. Ed Coray married Lillian Wightman on April 10, 1925. To the marriage were born Priscilla, June, Marilyn, and Faith. In 1926, Ed Coray, who had a deep desire to serve his alma mater, came back to Wheaton as an instructor in the Physical Education Department. In 1938, Mr. Coray received a Masters of Education from Boston University. It was "Coach" Coray who built the department and broadened its offerings. Coach Coray began his career at Wheaton in the position of Instructor and eventually became Professor Emeritus. He was employed by the College for over fifty years. In 1951, Coach Coray left the athletic field for an office, serving as Executive Director of the Alumni Association. Upon his final retirement, Coray was the only person to have ever received a paycheck from each of the College's presidents, with the exception of Jonathan Blanchard. Wheaton's second gymnasium, built in 1942, was renamed for Coray in 1968 to honor his years of service to Wheaton and its alumni. As well as a being a professor and an administrator, Ed Coray was also an author. He wrote a three-volume work on the history of athletics at Wheaton College, entitled Through Clouds and Sunshine, along with a book of reminiscences called The Wheaton I Remember. Coach Coray passed away on January 2, 1993 at the age of 92.