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The Stupe started out in the 1880's as a small table in the main building (Blanchard Hall) selling small things that students might need such pencils and ink andwas and was called the Student Supply Store. From there it grew into a largecolarge co-op run by the student union selling food and drinks, and operating abookstorea bookstore, laundry service, and post office. When the Supply Store wasmoved intoImage Removed

the gymnasium building, the name Stupe became popular as aportmanteau combining STUdent union, and Physical Education. Later when the Stupe and student union was moved into the newly builtMSC built MSC in the 1940's the name was kept despite loosing its ties with thephysical the physical education department. The MSC Stupe was remodeled in the early1970early 1970's, and was eventually moved to the Beamer Center in the 2004. Bythis time the Stupe was no longer student run, but rather under thesupervision the supervision of Wheaton's food service provider. It was announced in2008 in 2008 that part of the Stupe known as the "Stupe Cafe" would be renamed "Sam's," in honor of retiring Vice President of Student Development, Sam Shellhamer.