Class Songs

Orientation is all about welcoming new students to Wheaton. Each year the Orientation Committee is charged to write a song that encourages the freshmen class in some aspect of their faith. Early in January, the Orientation Committee takes a day to pray and choose a coordinating theme and Scripture. They compose original music and lyrics using the chosen theme and verse. The desire of each year's Orientation Committee is that the staying power of music will keep the theme in mind throughout each student's time at Wheaton. The Orientation Committee introduces the song to the new freshman class during the Opening Session of Orientation and the freshmen first sing their song to the upperclassmen at All-School Communion, the evening before classes begin in the fall. This moment is echoed again when each graduating class sings their class song at their Senior Banquet as well as during the Senior Chapel each May. The class song acts as a bookend to each class's time at Wheaton College.